Aaand We’re Open

I’m lying on my couch nursing my 3 month old, forcing myself to get this first post off the ground. Here goes.

My name’s Allison. I’m a former

***oops, I literally just hit the “publish” button while sneaking my way off the couch and trying not to wake my nursling. That’s how I anticipate much of this project to go. Any moms relate? As I was saying…***

My name’s Allison.

photo courtesy of Katie Arey

I’m a former content marketing professional turned stay-at-home mom with a penchant for power tools, paint, and DIY projects.  While my job title and priorities have changed quite a bit over the last two years, my ambition and creative drive haven’t. So, I invite you to follow along with me on a series of colorful misadventures, from DIY and creative projects, to kids, health and all my various – often hilariously failed – attempts to better my person, my budget and my family.

But let’s not put a limit on the topics, shall we? Let’s just say anything goes. Hopefully you’ll get a good laugh at my expense, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn how to build something together.

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