Product Review: Truly’s Natural Deodorant

I know I’ve stuck to DIY topics thus far, but if any of you have checked out my about page, you may have noticed I mention health topics and product reviews as part of my repertoire.

I didn’t expect to have a product to review already, but you guys. Truly’s Natural Deodorant is the shiz. I first heard about Truly’s from my friend over at Crunchy Farm Baby, and she didn’t steer me wrong. 

 Rest assured, the number of personal care and beauty products I’ve felt compelled to write a review about are extremely limited. The state of both of those industries in terms of transparency, honesty, effectiveness and health is abysmal at best. At times, it’s led me to DIY and hack my own personal care products, such as face wash, moisturizer, acne treatment and yes, even deodorant.

I’m not here to talk about the possible health hazards of modern antiperspirants and deodorants (just ask Dr. Google) , but I do want to talk about their ineffectiveness.

  Ever notice how you still sweat despite promises of “12 hour wetness protection”? Yeah, me too. This is due, in part, to the fact that our bodies are designed to sweat. It’s actually good for you, nay, necessary to rid your body of toxins and to keep you cool. And by clogging up your sweat glands with aluminum in antiperspirants (yes, that’s actually what’s happening), your body over compensates by producing more sweat, much like washing your hair too much will cause an over-production of oil (and an endless cycle of more washing leading to more oiliness). Some people are blessed with barely glistening bodies even after a hard workout. Not me. More than that, I still had issues with, err, eau de funk.

So am I just cursed with mutant genes, no match for any modern anti-sweat, anti-stink products?

No, most deodorants just suck.

Enter Truly’s, a 100% natural cream deodorant. After two weeks of use:

  • I’m sweating far less than I ever did using Secret Clinical Strength.
  • On average, I can go 1.5-2 days before I start smelling. Seriously.

Do you really need to hear more? Other notes:

  • It doesn’t leave that gummy film on my clothes, even after washing.
  • It’s a cream, so you do have to apply it with your fingers.
  • It’s odorless with just a sugary hint of coconut (because it’s made with coconut oil and powdered sugar)
  • I did have a couple days of mild irritation (the baking soda can be abrasive to people, like me, with super sensitive skin. However, they do make a milder version, which I plan to try next).
  • You only need a pea-sized amount on each arm, so it should last a long time.
  • Find it on Amazon for $13, shipped.

All in all, its very minor flaws are totally acceptable to me because it works so damn well. Five stars.

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