Fast Hacks Friday: Throw Blankets As Toddler Bedding

Did you know a 50″x60″ throw blanket makes the perfectly sized comforter for a toddler bed?

clara's bedding Mind blown, right?

You’re probably already dreaming about sifting through the luxurious, throws-of-many-colors at HomeGoods. The options for your Little’s nest just got a lot bigger, softer, and easier to pair with your existing decor. 

Don’t you just want to curl up on here?

As with many kids, Clara, my two-year-old is really into textures. So when I recently updated her nursery to toddler room I knew her big girl bed needed cozy, strokable bedding to match. She now has it. And just about every other day as she climbs in for a nap or bedtime she’ll burrow into her furry bedding and whisper, “soooooff.”

What’s more, this throw cost $14.99. Heckuva lot cheaper than those seizure-inducing character comforters and adorable but pricey Land of Nod / Pottery Barn Kids-type bedding sets.

Happy hacking!

2 thoughts on “Fast Hacks Friday: Throw Blankets As Toddler Bedding

  1. Awesome idea! I’ll have to remember that once I transition Lily’s room. She is also into textures, but for her I’ll need to find a blanket with that “silky” edging just like the skirt on her lambie. 🙂

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