My Five: 5 Pins I Want To Try Right Now

Ah, Pinterest. We have a sticky love/self-loathe relationship (by self-loathe I mean that easy trap to fall into where you think you’re not succeeding as a parent / business person / partner / homeowner because of all these amazing things you see on Pinterest that you’re obviously not doing. By the way, it’s bologna. No one does everything well all the time. You can bet something is sacrificed.).

Nevertheless, there’s some serious creativity on Pinterest, and these are the 5 pins I want to try right now (by the way, I’d love to pin with you. Drop your username in the comments, and I’ll give you a follow! You can follow me on Pinterest under A Happy Hue.):

  1. DIY reupholstering. My grandmother, who was obsessed with French country decor, bequeathed this super sweet velvet tufted wing-back chair to me (is it really a wing-back?).
    Red velvet tufted wing-backed chair
    See what my cat left behind?

    Even though I adore its original fabric, it’s worn bare in a few places and the pet hair really clings to it. It needs to be reupholstered. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon. So, I’m dying to try my hand at it. Now that I’ve had a go at tufting (I made a tufted headboard a couple years ago, which I’m sure I’ll post about at some point), I’m much more comfortable with the idea. I’d also love to try my hand at painting an upholstered chair to give it a facelift. Yes, painting.

  2. Caulk my rugs to make them non-slip. Isn’t it genius?

    Found at
  3. Make this tent in my toddler’s room. Ok, not actually this whole stage…just the curtain. I’ve made an embroidery hoop tent for her before, but it just was sturdy enough for my liking, and it also wouldn’t suit the corner of her room I’d like it to reside in. See, I’ve recently turned one half of her closet into a playnook, and I’d like the tent to cover the entrance so it’s more like a hideaway. 
  4. Cord clean up. This pin combines two of my favorite things – tidy cords and command strips. What’s not to love?

    Found at
  5. Repurpose an old picture frame.  This is my second most popular pin (just behind a sugar cookie recipe :-P) and for good reason. The style of this particular one is way too country for my home, but I like the concept of adding a fabric and dimension. Now if only I had a spare frame in mind…
    repurposed picture frame
    Found at

    So, what are your favorite pins of the moment? Link in the comments.

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