A Super Simple Solution for All Those Hair Clips and Bows

Parents of little girls, what do you do with all those little hair clips and bows? Before they’re even born, the collection begins. I think they’re like those teeny tiny baby shoes, irresistible to passers by, and between showers, grandparents and friends, you end up with at least three bows for every outfit.

At first I put them in a pretty glass bowl, but that led to pairs getting separated and made a rats nest when trying to find just the right one – not¬†practical when it’s a wrestling match just to get the wee ones in and out of a onesie. So, I started keeping an eye out for something I could clip them to. That’s when luck met opportunity in one of my favorite area thrift stores.

Voila! Enter the french memo board. Isn’t it perfect?

Typically, I’d rather make a simple item like this rather than pay $15-$30 for one that’s functional but not particularly special. However, this one was a score for three dollars. I love that pairs stay together neatly.

Since I bought this over a year ago when Clara, my oldest, was still a baby, I hung it out of her reach by the dresser. But once she shows any interest in picking out her own clothes, I’ll simply reposition it with a command strip so that she can reach. Simple as that.

Assuming I don’t find a deal on a second memo board, I’ll be making my own in the near future.

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