A Super Simple Solution for All Those Hair Clips and Bows

Parents of little girls, what do you do with all those little hair clips and bows? Before they’re even born, the collection begins. I think they’re like those teeny tiny baby shoes, irresistible to passers by, and between showers, grandparents and friends, you end up with at least three bows for every outfit.

At first I put them in a pretty glass bowl, but that led to pairs getting separated and made a rats nest when trying to find just the right one – not practical when it’s a wrestling match just to get the wee ones in and out of a onesie. So, I started keeping an eye out for something I could clip them to. That’s when luck met opportunity in one of my favorite area thrift stores.

Voila! Enter the french memo board. Isn’t it perfect?

Typically, I’d rather make a simple item like this rather than pay $15-$30 for one that’s functional but not particularly special. However, this one was a score for three dollars. I love that pairs stay together neatly.

Since I bought this over a year ago when Clara, my oldest, was still a baby, I hung it out of her reach by the dresser. But once she shows any interest in picking out her own clothes, I’ll simply reposition it with a command strip so that she can reach. Simple as that.

Assuming I don’t find a deal on a second memo board, I’ll be making my own in the near future.

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A Perfectly Pretty Turquoise, Yellow and Pink Bird-themed Nursery, Part 1: Chalk Painted Dresser

You know what I miss about being single? My old bedroom that was 100% reflective of my style: burnt orange walls, rich original pine flooring, dark woods, deep blue accents, and sunflowers, happy sunflowers. My retreat. And it was unabashedly bright and feminine.  Being married, however, I try to downplay my naturally feminine decorating tendencies without necessarily going masculine, and the result is neutral. Not bad, but not fully representative of either of us.

So, I decorate vicariously through my daughters, at least while they are still young enough not to offer much input.

When I walk into this room, I feel so peaceful (until my wildling starts banging on the walls next door, of course).

There’s a bevy of DIYs going on in this nursery, which I will walk you through in a three part series, but you know which is my favorite? This dresser.

It was a thrift store find, purchased and DIYed with love by Lottie’s Heehaw, Glamma (yes, Glam-ma) and I over a fantastic weekend we spent together after she was born — a memory piece.

To create this look, my father started  some heavy duty sanding to buff out the deep scratches.

Next, Glamma and I applied two coats of chalk paint (Note: chalk paint doesn’t necessarily need a sanded surface!). We used swift, rough brush strokes that inadvertently created a textured surface with a softening effect.

Finally, we applied one coat of wax, let it dry, and then reattached the hardware. Can you believe it’s the original hardware? So sweet.

I loved this item so much I knew I had to make it the focal point of her room. And even though I’m sure it will see its fair share of markers, dried boogers and carved initials, I hope she’ll one day appreciate the love that went into it.

Time, Materials, Costs, Alternatives

As I journal DIY projects from here on out, I’ll make note of time, materials and costs to help you decide whether or not this is a project you’re willing and able to tackle.

  • Dresser, thrift store find, $70 (donated by G-parents)
  • Chalk paint, CeCe Caldwell in Destin Gulf Green, $35 (donated by G-parents)
  • Wax, CeCe Caldwell, $10 (also donated)
  • Hardware, original! $0
  • Time, between three people and a power sander, about 1-2 hours of labor and about 2-3 hours of drying time.

Some cost saving alternatives would be using a donated or existing dresser or chest is drawers, as well as making your own chalk paint (I’ll cover my experience with this in a future post).

Aaand We’re Open

I’m lying on my couch nursing my 3 month old, forcing myself to get this first post off the ground. Here goes.

My name’s Allison. I’m a former

***oops, I literally just hit the “publish” button while sneaking my way off the couch and trying not to wake my nursling. That’s how I anticipate much of this project to go. Any moms relate? As I was saying…***

My name’s Allison.

photo courtesy of Katie Arey

I’m a former content marketing professional turned stay-at-home mom with a penchant for power tools, paint, and DIY projects.  While my job title and priorities have changed quite a bit over the last two years, my ambition and creative drive haven’t. So, I invite you to follow along with me on a series of colorful misadventures, from DIY and creative projects, to kids, health and all my various – often hilariously failed – attempts to better my person, my budget and my family.

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