Mini Chalkboard giveaway

GIVEAWAY! Free Handmade Mini Chalkboard

Is this not the cutest little chalkboard?

Mini Chalkboard giveaway
Win one of these mini chalkboards, handmade by A Happy Hue.
You have no idea how hard it was for me not to keep this little gem for the gallery wall in my kitchen. Seriously, it is the perfect size and shape for an eclectic gallery wall, a stylish accent for a vignette, or as a balanced accent when used in pairs (like Him / Her signs for a bedroom or Baby A / Baby B signs for twins!).

This handmade mini chalkboard is painted in cream-colored mineral fusion paint (Limestone to be exact), with light distressing that reveals the most delicate peaks of gold. So, so cute. And the best part is you can write or draw anything your little heart desires, how often you desire. So many possibilities. And it can be all yours if you win my #followhappyhue sharathon!

Now for the details. This giveaway is all about sharing and following, and there are lots of ways to get multiple entries. You can enter this contest three ways: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Each social media platform you enter on gets you additional entries.

How To Enter

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The sharathon will run for 2 weeks, at the end of which, I will draw a random winner, confirm the winner’s contact info and announce it within 48 hours of contest closing.

That’s it! Share on, friends.

Official rules and disclaimer: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are not affiliated with this sweepstakes and cannot be held responsible. You can tag new friends and share the post once per day for additional entries. Eligible contestants must be 13+ years of age and must be able to provide a continental US mailing address in order to win. By participating, you are agreeing to the contest rules. 

How to Make an Entire Room’s Worth of Wall Decor for Less Than $35: Part 2 of Lottie’s Nursery Reveal

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Just picking up where I left off in A Perfectly Pretty Turquoise, Yellow and Pink Nursery

Guess how much I spent on all this wall art?

Wall Decor Collage
$31. Seriously.

Once I settled on this lovely color palette from ColorWorld as the inspiration for Lottie’s nursery, the least expensive choice for the perfect wall art was to make it myself. With such a tight budget (less than $150 for the entire nursery, not just the wall decor) the task was a bit daunting. It’s one thing to need a single piece of wall art (find a rad printable and cute frame); it’s another to need an entire room’s worth.

So I hope by sharing my process, you feel inspired to take on the upcycled wall art challenge yourself:

Step 1) Settle on a source of inspiration, something to help narrow your focus and fuel your creativity.  Resist the urge to get too specific at this point. It can cripple your imagination when you’re sifting through you options for free or inexpensive materials. I landed on birds. They suit her chirpy personality and constant cooing, and thankfully for me they are also relatively easy to draw and cut out.

Step 2) Gather the raw materials. I actually love this part of the process because I get to imagine all my existing stuff reincarnated in a fun, fresh way. Check your closets and garage for inspiring items: frames, wood scraps, fabric scraps, crafting supplies, odds and ends — anything that could be tweaked or painted or given a new purpose, breathing new life into it. Also, take note of the tools at your disposal. During my sifting process, I gathered:

  • a thrifted empty white wooden picture frame
  • a plain black nine-photo picture frame from my closet
  • two brown unused walls shelves found in my garage
  • a small piece of unused wall art I hadn’t been able to sell on craigslist
  • jute twine from my crafting supplies
  • fabric scraps
  • a 8″x10″ canvas leftover from my toddler’s painting party
  • my staple gun
  • mod podge from my crafting supplies
  • tiny clothes pins leftover from my toddler’s first birthday party
  • fallen branches from a maple tree outside my house (I just thought they looked cool)

Step 3) Get creative…or borrow someone else’s creative genius. Pinterest is your best friend here. One simple search for “repurposed picture frame” produces a plethora of ideas. I was largely inspired during step two, so I took to Pinterest to flesh out some of my ideas and came across this birds-on-a-string DIY from Julie’s Jotter as well as this refreshingly simple paper bird mobile craft from Martha Stewart. Note: you will likely go back and forth between step 2 and step 3 as you come across new inspiration.

Step 4) Fill in the holes. Figure out what you’re missing to complete your projects, and go get it! I ended up only needing one small fabric bundle and some craft paper.

Step 5) Get to craftin’! The thing about DIY projects is that they do take time. Some are faster than others, but if you whittle away at it a bit during your free time, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

When it was all said and done, I had:

  • two wall shelves, painted white
  • one fabric birds-on-a-string frame
  • one paper bird mobile
  • one multicolored fabric scrap framed picture
  • one bird’s nest art
  • one small, unframed mod podged fabric bird art
  • the sampler with the frame repainted to match the color palette

Time, materials, cost:

In addition to the list of materials I listed in step 2, I also purchased:

  • one extra can of white spray paint, Walmart, ($6)
  • one 10 pack of small quilting fabric pieces, Walmart, ($10)
  • one multipack of craft paper, Target ($15)
  • Time (this is where it costs you): 20+ hours, spread out over a 1.5-2 week period

If you’ve got the time, imagine what projects you could complete using stuff you already have laying around the house?

In my final post about this nursery, I’ll briefly delve into the how-to for each project (hello, mod podge!)